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King WhatsApp
App Name King WhatsApp
App Version V32
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category King WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

KIWhatsapp is one of the most popular messengers with more than 2 million users around the world and in our country. Despite all the ups and downs this messaging app has faced, it is still very popular. King WhatsApp is developed. Since then, there have been concerns about privacy issues, however, it still has advantages that many competitors and King WhatsApp developers do not have.

What is King WhatsApp download?

Perhaps the answer to this question is clear enough for you. King WhatsApp It is a free messaging application that was launched for the first time, and it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp Green. The popularity of KIWhatsapp is due to many reasons, the first of which is that there are many unique features and characteristics. which are not provided by the original green version, and you will not see ads in this app; And its services such as group chatting and voice or video calls are free for users, and since it is derived from the official WhatsApp, the messages in this application are encrypted in two ways.

Which means that King WhatsApp , in theory, no one has access to the content of the exchanged message except you and the other party, which means that it is a hack-proof copy. Another way to help increase the security of your account is to use verification. Two steps, PIN Activation 6. By activating this function, KIWhatsapp will ask you again for this numeric password every few days, in addition to that it will ask you for your PIN; This is when you want to log in again.

For the original green WhatsApp, when it comes to privacy, the security issue becomes a bit more complicated. The changes made to the original King WhatsApp privacy policy indicate that some of your data is shared with its subsidiary Facebook, and users have protested this issue. But it was finally implemented in May.

King WhatsApp Update Download KIWhatsapp Anti Ban

Install King WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, downloading King WhatsApp is completely free and requires only a phone and mobile number to register, and to install KIWhatsapp on a mobile phone, the following steps must be followed:

Install King WhatsApp from the direct download link or from the official developer website, KIWhatsapp for Android phones.

Launch the app and accept the terms of use of the app, click on the option to accept and continue.

Enter your phone number and go to the next step by clicking on the next option.

Note that in the country code field you must enter the country key, and in the next section, add the phone number. No need to enter a password. There is a zero at the beginning of the phone number.

A six-digit code will be sent to you via SMS.

Enter the verification code in the King WhatsApp appropriate field in the application.

If for any reason you do not receive the code after a few minutes, you can receive the new code by selecting the option to send SMS or by selecting the option to contact me via a call.

At this step, the app will ask you to allow access to your contact list, photos, multimedia files, and other files.

You can accept these permissions by selecting the Continue option. If you choose another option, you can give it a go later. Application permissions through the help that appears in the King WhatsApp application.

In the next step, you will be asked to specify a name for the account.

You can also select a picture for your account from the top of the page, KIWhatsapp, and if you want to skip this topic, you can skip this command.
And get ready afterwards, it's not obligatory on the profile picture.

Finally, you will be taken to the main page of the application, and you can start chatting with friends. Downloading KIWhatsapp also allows you to create contact lists to send messages in batch, in addition to creating groups
To exchange messages between you and your relatives and many other services and functions.

What's new in King WhatsApp apk for Android latest version?

1. Added the function of replies to messages
It is a new feature that allows you to reply to messages via emojis, by King WhatsApp long pressing on the message, as is the case in chats on Instagram.

2. Pause/resume voice call recording
This feature allows you to pause when sending a voice message and be able to resume recording the voice note later.

3. When you enable the option to not save media in the gallery, there is an option to save media in case you want to save some media, while in the original green WhatsApp, you cannot save media if you enable this option.

4. Change the format to display contact information
The style of the contact information display page has been updated in a new and more professional way in KIWhatsapp, the latest King WhatsApp update.

5. Adding new privacy and profile options
The developer, KIWhatsapp, has added new settings and options for privacy options, King WhatsApp in addition to the profile picture.

6. Notifications to know who has watched Asturias
Adding a new option in King WhatsApp, when activated, you will receive direct notifications of everyone who sees your status in KIWhatsapp.

7. Ability to hide download status button
In the latest update of KIWhatsapp Anti Ban you can enable/disable fast status King WhatsApp download button to appear. If you want the old way, you can disable fast download icon.

8. Ability to copy captions from photos and videos
You can now copy the caption that follows the images or video, knowing that the original green WhatsApp, if someone sends you a photo or video, you will not be able to copy, forward or use the caption text, unlike King WhatsApp downloading, KIWhatsapp, and to do so, Select the message, then options, then copy the caption.

9. The ability to search the web from within the app
If you want to quickly search for something on the internet while you are in the middle of an important conversation and don't want to leave King WhatsApp, you can use the browser built into KIWhatsapp.

10. Set smileys as a profile picture
This new option has been added to the latest version of King WhatsApp, which allows you to use emoji as a profile picture directly without the need for other programs, in addition to the fact that the original green WhatsApp King does not allow you to do this procedure.

11. Add iPhone lines to KIWhatsapp
New fonts to KIWhatsapp, including fonts used on iPhone.

12. Simultaneous translation and Google Translate
The wonderful and beautiful translation option, which is literally indispensable in downloading King WhatsApp , has been modified, in addition to being one of the important functions in the latest update of the KIWhatsapp application, the translation option has been added by Google Translated by Google if you like it, and if you want enough translation instant, you can do that.

13. Find out the number of messages for each specific person
This feature has been added through a page dedicated to seeing all messages sent by a specific person through the digital message counter, you can know the number of King WhatsApp all messages in addition to seeing all messages.

14. KIWhatsapp provides the function of cleaning all unnecessary files

Using any app for long periods of time slows down your Android phone system, this is because the programs when used run on RAM memory and create temporary files with it. From applications, temporary files remain stored in the RAM, which follows the same pattern, but in the new download update of the KIWhatsapp application King WhatsApp , a new feature has been added that allows you to clean up temporary and unnecessary files.

15. More fixes and improvements in King WhatsApp download, latest version
The previous problems have been solved in the modern version King of WhatsApp, in addition to many improvements, and among these problems that have been solved is the problem of backing up or saving messages, which takes up a lot of space, in addition to solving the problem of opening the chat after closing the conversation via the widget.

Send and manage messages on King WhatsApp

The most important thing we can do with the KIWhatsapp messaging application is to send and receive messages. It is the most popular messaging King WhatsApp application in the world among the WhatsApp applications. For this reason, it provides users with different capabilities in this field.

Send a message on KIWhatsApp Apk

To send a message or an audio and video call via King WhatsApp , you must click on the search option in the application, which looks like a magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page, and then enter the name of the contact you want if your contact also has a KIWhatsapp download; Installed on his smartphone, his name will appear in the King WhatsApp application, and you can select it by clicking on it and have a conversation or an audio and video call with your contact, if you do not know the name of your contact for some. On the same main page of the program, you can click on the option to send a message from the button at the bottom, which is a green and white circle icon, and from the contact list; Displayed below, find the name of the desired contact and enter the chat section with the contact.

Lets you see audio and video options calls at the top right of the page, and if you want to send a message to someone directly and you have not registered their number, you can use the function to send a message to someone who is not saved. number, which is one of the powerful functions in downloading KIWhatsapp through the home page, then pressing options.
From the top of the King WhatsApp app, which are the three narrow dots, you will find the option to send to an unsaved number after clicking on it; Enter the country code + 967 or + 961 + 966, and so on, depending on the country of the owner of the number you want to message, and after writing the international code, type the number, then press “Done” and it will take you to the number conversation.

Block writing in KIWhatsapp
If you are in a conversation with someone and King WhatsApp you type a message and you don't want the other person to know; If you write a message to him and want to surprise the person with the message, you need to activate the stop recording function, which is one of the privacy options in KIWhatsapp.

Download KIWhatsapp allows you to hide the indications of receiving and reading messages
You can receive and read messages without the sender showing the status of the received and read message; King WhatsApp At the bottom of the message, when there is a double checkmark in a faded color, which means you have received the message, it has turned light blue; when opening the message; Through it, the person can know the status of the message, but if you do not want to reply or want to receive messages without these indicators appearing; You will enter KIWhatsapp; Then go to the profile of the contact for which you want to activate these options, then click on the privacy option, activate both features, click on Done, and if you want; You can only use one of them, as they are two separate options King WhatsApp.

How to delete a message sent on King WhatsApp

To delete your message On the other hand, if you have sent a message by King WhatsApp mistake, you have to hold your finger on the message for a few seconds to select it until some icons appear at the top of the screen, including a trash icon on the trash can option to start the process; Deleting the message At this point, you must choose to delete the message only from your device or delete it from everyone, that is, from the other party's device. As for using the original green WhatsApp, there are two things to take into consideration. In the account when you delete messages from everyone .. First, you will not be able to delete messages that have exceeded a period of time King WhatsApp They are sent within the specified time, which is seven minutes.

You can only delete King WhatsApp messages that are less than seven minutes long. The second point is to inform the other party or recipient that the WhatsApp message has been deleted. In other words, when you delete a message in a chat or group, the green WhatsApp will notify you. You are in the same chat or group by replacing your message with the message This message has been deleted; But telling the other party that you deleted the message is not something that should worry, rather the first condition, that the message is deleted in a specific period, is what bothers me a lot, including me personally, but as we talked, these two points or conditions remain imposed on users of the original King WhatsApp green.

For these two conditions for KIWhatsapp users, the first condition is not applied in terms of duration. You can delete messages from all or from the sending and receiving parties in whatsapp at any time you want without a specific time, and in addition to that you can prevent the King WhatsApp deletion of messages; Who do you have in case someone wants to delete messages from everyone, and this function is one of the privacy options in KIWhatsapp.

Delete messages automatically by downloading KIWhatsapp
By King WhatsApp activating the function of disappearing messages in conversations, all your conversations will be automatically deleted after one week. However, the previous contents of the conversations will remain the same, and messages that were sent and received only after activating this function will be automatically deleted. After seven days or according to the period you set, you can choose files every 24 hours, 7 days or every 90 days, including photos, videos, audio, etc. No party will be deleted. To activate this function, first access the profile of the desired contact, then enter the Hidden Messages section from the available options. Turning this item on will automatically delete messages at specific time intervals that you set earlier.

Send a KIWhatsapp audio message
Sometimes it is necessary to send a voice message for various reasons, such as the duration of the topic, and to do this, enter the desired group or chat to send a voice message or the so-called voice recording in King WhatsApp , then touch and hold the microphone icon next to the camera icon, then release your finger to send after Recording, then swipe right to cancel, and if you swipe to close the recording, it is also recommended to send a summary after sending the voice message. What you said in the text to the other party, even if they don't want to hear it.

Prevent the appearance of registration in progress to download KIWhatsapp against ban and hacker

When you want to record someone’s voice message, it will show “In Progress” to the other person or the receiving party, but if you want to record the voice note without the knowledge of the second party, activate the “Hide Recording” function King WhatsApp.

Upload files and images in King WhatsApp

To send a file using King WhatsApp , you must first select the group or chat you want and enter the KIWhatsapp application; From the chat page, click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the page and next to where you're writing a message. This will bring up a small menu in front of you. This list is categorized according to the type of files they can be. It has been sent, so you have to select the Gallery option to send videos and images, the Audio option for audio files, and the Document option for text files, such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc., and also from the same Documents option to download WhatsApp Gold.

You can send any file in any format, location option to send location and contacts option to share KIWhatsapp contacts. After selecting the appropriate option, you will enter a page that displays all the files associated with the selected option on a smartphone. King WhatsApp for example if you select the Documents option; This page will display all PDF and text files on your phone. If you have a file of another format, at the top of the page choose Browse other files, and you can; search by filename by selecting the magnifying glass image at the top of the page; Or choose in front of you to whom to send the file and click on the desired file, then a dialog box for sending or canceling will appear. You can choose Send to send to your contact or Cancel to cancel sending.

King WhatsApp statuses

A few years ago, King WhatsApp with the growing popularity of Snapchat, Facebook decided to add a new Snapchat-inspired feature to its own apps, which let you share photos, videos, and texts with other people. This section is called Instagram Story. Accordingly, he found a status section in WhatsApp, in which the shared content will be visible for one day. Below you can learn how to create and share statuses.

Status status in KIWhatsapp

To set the status of your KIWhatsapp download and make it visible to everyone, select the STATUS section next to the Chats option.
This will take you to the status page. If you want to put a simple text like your status on your King WhatsApp profile, just select the pen mark at the bottom of the page and write the text you want, if you also want to put a specific image or video with text in your profile text.
status, then select the camera image and take a picture of yourself or enter the gallery by dragging the thumbnails displayed at the bottom.
Select the image you want, write the text you want next to it, as well as the number you want, and select the OK option.

Delete Asturi in King WhatsApp

KIWhatsapp statuses are automatically deleted after 24 hours, just like in the official King WhatsApp. However, by going to the My Status section and clicking on the three dots icon and selecting the delete option, you can delete your status.

Hide your viewing of other people's cases

You can see other Asturias without knowing that you have opened their statuses and they will not appear as long as you activate this privacy feature in the KIWhatsapp download, which is not available in the official version of King WhatsApp.

Prevent contact from deleting their KIWhatsapp statuses

We know that Asturi gets deleted after a whole day in the official and KIWhatsapp versions, and both versions allow a person to delete their Asturi whenever they want, even before it gets deleted automatically. Others delete their statuses, to activate the option to King WhatsApp not delete the status, you can even if the person deletes his story, even if he posted it by mistake, he will be able to see and be informed.

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